December 2, 2009


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What to write.             What to say.

Oh what to write what it is that I want to say,

I know not where to begin,

but to only begin writing what it is that I am saying.

What it is that I am feeling.

What it is that is at the core of me.

What makes my heart beat.

What it is that makes me want to move my feet.

To move after you.

To walk, NO.

To run; strong. Swift.


To run like I have nothing to lose,

And one thing to win.

Oh, but I only want to win THE prize.

The best prize of ‘em all.



You are what I want.

He is what I want.

YOU are the prize.

HE is the prize.

He is.  

Oh what a joy it is.

What a joy he brings.

After you cross the finish line,

Enduring the sweat;

The pain,

Pressing on was worth it all.

Running to you is worth it all.

Running to him is worth it all.

In everything, press on.

The overwhelming beauty that lifts you off your feet brings you peace; joy; love.

I pray that you find peace.

That you find joy.

And that you find love.

The love that has held your hand when you first learned to walk.

The love that has encouraged you when you first began to run your race.

The love that will be by your side through it all.

That you run strong; swift.