January 26, 2010

a new season

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i often travel great lengths in hopes of finding God move in my life, but fail to see that he is moving right where i am. by no means am i saying that traveling is bad. i desire the times that i can be a wandering vagabond. that i can meet people where they are. that i can offer something more – something that only God has given me. Love, hope, and understanding that his will is far greater than that of my own.

i often use people as my crutch in hopes that they bring out the Christ in me – that i can be challenged by other people and not by myself. on my own. that conversation can happen, as long as i am not the one initiating it. why not? what am i waiting for? am i scared that my thoughts aren’t good enough? i have something to say. something to offer. i have something. something. anything.

sometimes too, there are seasons that we should be silent and just listen. listen to what God has to say instead of talking. don’t stop praying. but maybe ask God to reveal himself in this way. 

what does it look like to have a relationship that is just you and God? i am not saying run away and don’t come out of your hiding place, but that you seek to have more of a relationship with him. more so than you are possibly comfortable with. although you remain in contact with those that you deeply care for, you do not engulf the time that you do have with things that don’t necessarily matter such as television, or video games. if you do spend time with people, make those moments count. enjoy the laughter. work through the trials. 

Jesus spent so much time with his disciples and followers, but also spent a lot of time alone. praying. seeking God. it’s a new season for me. and i can honestly say i am looking forward to it.