May 29, 2010


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tomorrow i will be embarking on an eleven week journey with five other students from florida christian college. two out of the eleven will be time to prepare, and learn, and grow closer to the Spirit of the Lord, and grow closer as one body. we will be traveling to different camps this summer where we will be sharing, learning, growing, praying, and even playing with middle school and high school students. the six of us – the traveling team – have been chosen to represent the school, and all that it has to offer. we have been chosen to glorify the Lord through our work; chosen to take part in the students lives.

i am excited to see how God will continue to use this summer, seeing as how it began the day that i left for cambodia. ever since i got back, i have realized how much love people need, and how much love i need. only we can get that from the Savior. people need Jesus. and he is in me. the Lord has used my story – a story of a broken but beautiful soul that longs for love and to be known. the Lord is using you as well. He is close.


May 2, 2010

to whom it greatly concerns; everyone.

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dear daughter or son, or mother or father, or sister or brother. person who is being treated like an object. like someone who is nothing to someone else. i am fighting for you. 

dear person who is being entrapped, broken down, beaten, used, mistreated, and abused. i am fighting for you.

God created you for a purpose. for a reason that is not of this doing. you don’t deserve this. i can’t imagine your pain. i am so sorry for your pain. your story is being heard. you are loved. you bear the image of the Creator. you are beautiful. 

dear people in disbelief. people who think that injustice doesn’t happen everywhere. people who think that injustice is only a problem in the third world. i pray that the veil be lifted from your eyes. i pray for strength in mass amounts. once the veil is taken from your eyes; once you see what is going on, it is hard to handle. i pray for anger – only righteous anger. anger that stirs your heart. causes you to move in action. to do something about this. 

everyone has a story. everyone has a source. the source is God. He created you. you are His child, His instrument, His kingdom worker. the question is “why?” why do we fight? why do we stand up for what we believe in? why do we try to work at something that might not end in our lifetime? 

because God created each one of us. because He wants us to do something. He calls us to do something. because He knows that we are important to Him. there is so much more that i can say. but i feel like my words won’t do justice. 

be the person that God created you to be. beautiful. strong. compassionate. willing. swift. 

we all have a chance at life. help someone. do something. you will not find your reward on earth, but only in heaven. 

be still oh heart. find rest you anxious thoughts.