March 15, 2011


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my insides are begging to be let out. kicking and screaming at the wall of skin. dying to live. it’s ironic isn’t it? when someone feels so much they can’t help but want to kick and scream like no one is watching, and they might actually do it. they might actually kick and scream.

i feel so incomplete. with my thoughts. my thoughts feel like fragments. because i know that they are. i know i am not incomplete. i am whole. i am made whole. made new. stitched together “with needle and thread” as ryan o’neal says. stitched by God because he loves me. oh how he loves me. oh how he loves.


March 6, 2011

the place i once knew

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and when i return the faces will no longer be a memory. and when i return i will be home. and when i return the voices will no longer be like it is in a film. distant from me. distant from what i once knew. you are what i once knew. you are what i used to hold on to. with my hands white because i would not let go. i didn’t want to let go. i couldn’t let go. i couldn’t walk away from what i knew. i guess i just wanted to hold on forever. and ever. and ever. nothing lasts forever. and maybe that’s the beauty of it all. because one day. one day in the distant future we would find each other again. we would join each other again. if that day never comes, i know that there will be another day. some other gathering that will come to be.

people in the distant place i call home, you are in my heart. words go unsaid only because i can’t speak the language. love goes beyond words. know that i love you. and i love the place i once knew. i can’t wait to be with you.