April 14, 2011

Global Prayer Gathering

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Processed Thoughts: Or Something Like It.

What did I learn at the Global Prayer Gathering?

I learned that the demand for Justice should extend beyond a countries geographical location. It should also be found in our own back yard as well.

I learned that Justice without Love is like a dead husk…Oh wait. That was from Dave Peter’s message at Chapel.

“Justice is the groundwork of NT Love” (Nicholas Wolterstroff)

I learned that we must confront justice with a great amount of love and patience.

I was reminded that we were created by God as creatures of worth. That is not a new thought or idea. We all have value.

With the last statement, I learned that in the context of justice and the community, individual’s won’t flourish unless the community isn’t flourishing.

“If there is no justice, the community will be unjust towards the people in the community and also outside of the community.” (Wolterstroff)

I know that an individual can in fact grow on their own, but we were not created for that. (Genesis)

I learned that Justice and Righteousness go hand in hand. Much like love and justice.

I learned a new term coined by Nicholas Wolterstroff himself: The Quartet of the Vulnerable. See Isaiah 1:17.

I learned that there isn’t a formula for doing justice, but rather that justice is just a way of life.

I learned that we should celebrate even the small victories. And be patient. Dear Lord I need help with that one.

I learned that I can recover from apathy. I just needed to press into Jesus.

I learned that “The daily lives of these people is unjust. If you struggle against injustice and for justice, you have to set a priority on the people’s whose daily lives is unjust.” (Wolterstroff) Meaning, those who are downtrodden and treated poorly.

I learned that justice for benevolence sake is dangerous. We must include the Gospel and evangelism. This goes back to a conversation that we had in d-group a while back. If we as instruments of God’s Word are doing our job, then those that are rescued will want the healing power that only Jesus can truly give. (Steve Porter, Wolterstroff, etc.)

I learned about the rise of social justice organizations in the past ten or so years. I learned that the fire that we have can fade if we aren’t careful. That’s a true testimony and one of the scariest things I have ever gone through – next to the loss of my mother.

I learned that we have different motivations for doing justice-work. Moral Outrage. Ego-enlargement. Spiritual Emptiness.

“Loving service to others is more or less the automatic response of a life that is being filled with the love of God.” (Steve Porter)

I learned that we can’t do the work of God apart from God. God called us to co-labor in the work that He is doing. (This is not a new thought, but rather an old reminder.) – See also John 15:5; 1 Thess 3:12

“We must understand relationship with God as a nourishing reality in our lives from which we were designed to draw strength to greater and greater degrees (Eph 3:14-19)” (Steve Porter)

I learned some one liners:

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint…”

“You are not running alone”

“You are responsible for what you see, for what you know, and for what you experience”

“It is no longer just their story, it is now our story.”

I learned that God can use us in amazing ways – again, not an old thought.

I stated that you can’t put a price-tag on a mission trip in which you will be made more aware of the surroundings of a specific country.

I learned that we should treat everyone with the same amount of justice that each person deserves.

I learned that planning a week of Justice takes a lot of praying, and it’s important to see what people are capable of – what their gifts are – rather than assigning them tasks even if they volunteer to help. I learned also that it takes a great amount of commitment to have a successful Justice Week and that it would take somewhat of a strategic planning meeting to come up with what a successful week could look like. I learned that a week of Justice could be a progression of awareness rather than a bunch of events slapped together that just raise money. Communication is key: with God, with team, with audience. Purpose is important too. We truly don’t know what other people are good at until we honestly ask them.

I learned that the audience might not know anything about human trafficking, or might know about it, but just don’t know what to do. We must reach all groups.

“IJM students need to remember that it’s not just about their campus, but rather to move out and build the bridge in the community.” (Wayne Barnard)

I learned about other groups and their creativity to raise awareness: UCIrvine – The Pawn Project. http://youtu.be/ccjtgFlkj-4

I watched a film that creativity portrayed human exploitation: The Candy Shop. It can be found at http://vimeo.com/20833462

I learned about great victories that took an immense amount of patience. (Cebu Rescue)

I learned about countries that I never thought existed before – Cebu; Manila.

I learned that it is truly important to pray for the work of Justice because God cares for it too.

I learned how important it is to talk to people sitting next to you, and to appreciate the people that God places next to you in a prayer room. (Networking in the name of Jesus for the sake of the Kingdom.)

That’s just an overview. And I think that might be all I will share, because that’s all I can really explain at the moment.



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