April 20, 2011

Making Progress

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:38 pm by kaylynlorraine

Wake up.
Come out of the darkness.
Take off the veil over your eyes.
Why are we hiding?
What are we hiding from?
God is with us.
The light shines on us.
It is not the end.
Don’t give up.
Clench your fists.
Take a breath.
And go.
Fight for Truth.
Fight for Love.
Fight because fighting for this is the only thing you know.
Fight because there is value in the cross.
Fight because God is worth fighting for.
You are worth fighting for.
God and his army of angels and saints are fighting with us.
Don’t give up.
Never give up.
When you feel like you can’t fight anymore
Keep fighting.
This life we live isn’t over.
There is more to the story than we can comprehend;
Even after all of the books or Bible verses about spirituality,
God, or his son Jesus who came to this earth.
Who came as flesh.
To love.
To serve.
To make a name for his father and the kingdom that is in heaven.
This is only the beginning.
Don’t give up.
Dear God have mercy on our weary souls.
On our wounded hearts.
On our awful words.
On our pride.
God. Have mercy.


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