July 15, 2011


Posted in Uncategorized at 1:39 pm by kaylynlorraine

We are not just skin and bones.
We are not lifeless creatures.
We are not robot people
With silly little mind games, tricks, and antics.
We are the living breathing Imago Dei.
Soak it in.
Feel the weight.
We are vagabonds on our way to Eden.
Back to the garden – where it all started.
To a place that we as children imagine as having golden streets and where you float on clouds.
There is something so much more.
Redemption is found there.
He is found there.
Breathing into our souls one breath at a time.
Breathe deep and pour out.
Pour out.
Pour out.
And repeat.
And when we do these things…
Let the taste of heaven come out of your mouth.
Speaking words of grace and truth and love.
Let the glimpse of heaven be seen with the tired eyes that look for the very first time – or for the second, third, or hundredth.
We are worthy.
So worthy.
So worthy. Can’t you see it? If not, own it. Walk with it in your shirt pocket closest to your heart.
Let the intangible sounds become tangible.
As we sing hallelujah with the angels and saints that have gone before us and stand with us.
They stand around us and suddenly, we are surrounded by multitudes of warriors.
And we are protected.
The gates of Hell will not stand.


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