August 5, 2011


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I’m a restless wanderer on a path that leads to God only knows.
With countless moments of tears, fears, dreams, and uncertainties
I press on towards the goal to Love because that’s all I know that which is also the same as Truth
And Truth sets us free.
And we are free to dream. Inspire. Create.
Free to move. Laugh. Worship.
As our hearts align more with what we were created for
May we never forget that we are worth so much more than the mistakes that we have made.
We laugh in the face of satan because he is not worth our tears. Or worry. Or Grief.

Guilt has no grip on me.
Shame can’t hold me captive.
I am so much more. There is so much more to live for than just the ordinary.
What I used to think of as “good” was nothing more than smoke in my lungs,
alcohol overflowing in the glass, sex whenever I wanted.
Those things were false desires.
I am so much more than an object to you.
I desire so much more than a one night stand.
To the things that used to hold me back, weigh me down, and keep me captive…
The devil weeps with you as the army of angels and saints hold me up and sing
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.
Brokenness can no longer define me.

And in this transformation of the heart, body, and soul I am reminded of Love.
And oh how He loves me,
Even though I have doubted and turned my back on Him,
He was still there. Waiting for me.
Crying for me and with me to trust him and to love him and to just be with him.
And so hear I stand with a heavy heart. Heavy because of the amount of love that He has for me.
Heavy because I am ready to pour out to those who do not yet know of the things that I have declared –
Or who have just forgotten.
It feels good to be alive.