October 26, 2011

who am i and where am i going?

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in this long search of love, i have found myself back at the feet of Jesus continually, and his love is what carries the weight, the depth. of who he is. of who i can be.

even in the wilderness i have found myself continuing to rely on the Lord rather than just wandering aimlessly. the desert is for a time of preparation rather than proving whether or not God is with you. He is. right there with you.

this change is not due to a powerful sermon, albeit some sermons have really knocked me off my feet because of the Holy Spirit speaking through those people. the change is due to my willingness to change my attitude about my life in the present sense. the change is my recognition of the desire to want to be someone that God is shaping me and molding me to be. we must not let fear determine our existence or how far along we will go in our walk with Christ. perfect love drives out fear (1 John 4:18). God’s love is perfect.

this is the continuation of a great journey.